U.S. Rotary Club and District Liability Insurance Program - Insurance Update to Rotary Clubs & Districts was sent by email from Rotary International Risk Management on 3-16-18. Click here for a copy or read more below.
Risk Management
The U.S. Rotary Clubs and Districts Liability Insurance Program ("Program") provides general liability (GL) and directors' & officers'/employment practices liability (D&O/EPL) insurance coverage automatically to active U.S. Rotary Clubs & Districts (subject to policy terms and conditions). 
Required Renewal Notification:  This message (being sent to current Presidents, Incoming Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries, District Governors, District Governors Elect and District Insurance Representatives in the U.S. and its possessions and territories) is to inform you that the current liability policies will expire 1 July 2018 12:01 a.m. We want to advise you that the renewal policy terms and conditions may reduce coverage or be more restrictive than the expiring policy based on the underwriting information provided to insurers.

New insurance policies will be purchased to provide continuous coverage and we will make every effort to provide the same broad coverage as per the expiring policy.  So that you are able to include the insurance charge for your club in your budgeting process, we will provide renewal premium/rate information to you in June.
Insurance Website: See below for information on how to access the website set up for U.S. Rotarians. 
To learn more about the Program, as well as review copies of the insurance policies, summaries, loss control documents, and obtain a certificate of insurance, please visit the Gallagher Insight website: 

Website address: https://insight.ajg.com 

Username: rotary@ajg.com 
Password: rotarian1 

Rotarians can also contact Gallagher by email (rotary@ajg.com) or by phone: 1.833.3ROTARY (833.376.8279)

This website is for U.S. Rotary club/district use only and is the exclusive source for all the Program's documents, forms, loss control guidelines, and the certificate of insurance.
Please share this link/login to Gallagher Insight website with Rotarians in your club/district.

Future emails: Rotary Risk Management will be sending emails to club & district officers: 
  • In June - to inform clubs about 2018-19 insurance assessment rates 
  • In July - to inform clubs about 2018-19 insurance policies and available insurance resources 
Fireworks: There is no coverage under the Program for a Rotary club that signs an agreement with a pyrotechnic firm.  If your club does this, your club needs to purchase insurance for the club for the fireworks display.  $10M is not an unreasonable limit – your club should require the pyrotechnic firm to carry a limit of $10M and name your club as an additional insured on their policy. Fireworks are considered a high risk activity by insurance underwriters.

Club sponsored events with attendance of 25,000+: If your club is organizing an event that draws 25,000 or more attendees, your club is required to purchase a primary special events liability policy with a limit of $1M, including liquor liability if liquor is being served at the event.  (When your club is a vendor at the State Fair, this requirement does not apply – but it does apply if your club organizes, sponsors or is putting on the large event.)

Rotary Risk Management Team

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