Setting and Submitting Club Goals
  • Clubs establish goals.
  • Clubs should use the District Goals (below) and the Rotary Citation (click here) as guidelines for setting individual club goals.
  • Clubs enter the goals using Rotary Club Central
  • At a minimum, goals need to be entered for:
    • Membership Growth
    • Giving to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund
    • Giving for Polio Plus
  • Additional goals (such as for service projects, member involvement) need to be set to earn credit toward the Rotary International Citation.
Rotary District 5650
2021-22 Rotary Year
Carol Horner, District Governor
1. Grow to 2000 Members in the District
2. Total giving to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund of $200,000
3. Total giving to Polio Plus of $50,000
4. Support Rotary’s Strategic Priorities and Objectives:
Select the image to view details of Rotary District 5650's Strategic Priorities - or click here.
For the Rotary International Action Plan and Rotary's Strategic Priorities - click here.
President Shaker’s theme video:
Rotary District 5650 Goals
2020-21 Rotary Year
Roxy Orr, District Governor
Click here for a downloadable copy of the 2020-21 goals
1. Introduce Rotary’s Strategic Priorities and Objectives
          • Increase our impact
          • Expand our reach
          • Enhance participant engagement
          • Increases our ability to adapt
2. Create greater diversity in our Rotary clubs
3. Know each clubs strengths and weakness
          • Find ways to help
4. Help clubs connect with each other on projects
          • Local
          • International
          • Help find outside partners
          • Connect with other districts
          • Open up communication between clubs to share ideas and form partnerships on projects and grants
5. Strengthen avenues of growth for the district
          • Inspire creative club expansion through forming community based Rotaract clubs and satellite clubs, family clubs.
          • Help grow Interact
6. Help inspire membership growth and retention
7. Be a resource for clubs to help them reach their goals
8. Creative ways to convey importance of TRF contributions
9. Make Rotary Memorable - Have FUN
Rotary District 5650 Goals
2019-20 Rotary Year
Mick McKinley, District Governor
1.    At least 75% of the clubs achieve the Rotary Citation (click here). 
How do we achieve that?
a.    Have AG’s present the citation to all clubs and challenge PE’s to achieve.
b.    Promote achievement of Citation at PETS
c.    Have clubs submit their goals in Rotary Club Central
d.    Have AG’s review club reports and assist where necessary
2.    Achieve a net membership increase of 50 members by 6/30/2020
How do we achieve that?
a.    Have each club achieve a net membership increase of 1 member. 
b.    Have at least 1 silver 1 gold and 1 platinum club award winner in the district
3.    Inspire clubs to use Rotary’s new messaging and public image campaign to tell their “People of action” stories. 
How do we do that?
a.    Appoint a public image chair
b.    Form a functioning public image committee
c.    Build a social media profile that clubs can utilize
d.    Engage our Rotaractors in getting the message out.
4.    Strengthen and support Club – Insure all clubs are aware of the new membership types and Club types
a.    Educate AG’s and membership chair on various types 
b.    AG’s to meet with the clubs to assess needs and educate club presidents and membership chairs.
c.    Have all clubs set goals in Rotary Club Central
d.    Track goal performance and share with clubs