I have been encouraging clubs to set goals in writing for certain key areas and am really pleased with the results. Membership, Foundation Giving, Polio Plus Giving and Volunteer Hours are the areas of focus for the District for goal setting this year. 
Membership: In membership 27 clubs set goals for this year.  As a point of information currently we have 1996 members. Of that number 590 are female and 1385 are male for 1975.  Apparently a handful did not report their gender. 
Annual Fund Contributions:  As of December 31,  a total of 27 clubs set giving goals.  My assumption is that all clubs have giving goals but some did not register them in Club Central.   We have established goals this year of $154,000 which is good.  That number is up a bit from last year but many clubs last year gave a great deal without apparently registering their goal.  I am hopeful of another good year. 
Polio Plus Contributions:  As of December 31, a total of 26 clubs set giving goals.  Again I believe most if not all clubs have giving goals but I am very pleased that of our membership 26 clubs set giving goals for Polio Plus. 
Volunteer hours contributed:  As of December 31st,  a total of 15 clubs set goals for service projects.   On paper we have contributed 3797 hours of volunteer time.  I believe the actual number is substantially higher.  Please be sure as a club to estimate the time you spend in volunteering as a Rotarian. 
I do want to thank you all for your hard work thus far this year!!  I can say that every single club I visited impressed me with the time and energy they commit to service projects and while having fun doing so!