Did you know that you, yes YOU are helping fight disease around the world? You’re helping give people clean water to fight Guinea worm disease. You’re helping women get tested for HIV early in pregnancy to reduce HIV infections in children. You’re vaccinating people in Afghanistan and Pakistan to put an end to polio in our world.
The big question is, have you told people in your community that you’re helping do all of this through Rotary?
Disease results in misery, pain, and poverty for millions of people worldwide. That’s why treating and preventing disease is so important to Rotary . . . and you and I ARE Rotary. We lead efforts both large and small. We set up temporary clinics, blood donation centers, and training facilities in underserved communities struggling with outbreaks and health care access. We design and build infrastructure that allows doctors, patients, and governments to work together.
Durng December, Rotarians throughout the world focus on fighting diseases of all sorts. Donate to the Rotary International Foundation to help with those efforts, and tell your neighbors and friends what you’re doing through Rotary by sharing this video on social media channels:
Randy Bretz
District 5650 Public Image Chair