In a letter from District Governor Carol, here is how to receive a match for your disaster relief donation to help Ukraine:
The past couple of weeks has been quite challenging as we watch the horrors going on in Ukraine. Please let me share with you an inspiring conversation I had with a founding member of the Rotary Club of Kyiv International yesterday.
First of all, thank you to Eric Drumheller and Lincoln 14 for providing me with this opportunity. 
Oksana Tjupa is a founding member and current secretary for their club. The Rotary Club of Kyiv International was founded in 2019 and has 30 members. There are over 1100 Rotarians in 62 clubs in Ukraine. Like us, they believe in Service Above Self, apply the 4-Way Test to the things they think, say and do, live the Rotary values, and give to The Rotary Foundation. Their clubs do what our clubs do--service projects for their community and work on Global Grants. We are they, they are we, and they are hurting and need us.
Oksana shared (with a tremendous amount of pride and passion) that just prior to the war, her club was engaged with Rotaractors in a financial literacy project and had registered over 3000 kids and adults in their program. The war halted that project but not their Rotary spirit. 
She also shared that although her club members are dispersed (some evacuated westward, some stayed to fight and help, some fled with their children to Poland) they are still operating the club and doing the work of Rotary. They are coordinating resources for people who are displaced both in Kyiv and throughout the country of Ukraine. They are helping people get resources, helping humanitarian aid get into the country and get distributed, and working to keep lines of communication open for families. AMAZING ROTARIANS!
Okay, I know you are asking...what can I/we do? Of course, you want to know, WE ARE PEOPLE OF ACTION!
We, as a District, are going to use the remaining District Designated Funds of $15,000 as a match for donations to The Rotary Foundation Disaster Fund from Rotarians in our District! WE NEED TO DO THIS BY APRIL 15th.
Here is what you do:
  1. Go to You will need to use your login to My Rotary and make a donation so that we will be able to track what amount our District has given. You will also receive credit towards your Paul Harris Fellow and Every Rotarian Every Year if you are logged in. 
  2. OR you can mail a check made out to The Rotary Foundation and put Ukraine in the memo line. Mail the check to Bill Harvey at 17503 V Street OMAHA, NE 68135. You will still receive credit towards PHF and EREY.
  3. AND please share the link with your networks, family, friends, neighbors, social media do not need to be a Rotarian to give to this fund. It is the safest and most effective use of their donation dollars! 100% of the funds given for this will go directly to relief efforts. 
It is time to do what we do. Let's bring the magic of Rotary and Serve to Change Lives!
Spiral Up!
The Rotary Foundation creates channel for direct humanitarian support in Ukraine
The entire story from Rotary International:
Or read the story text here:
In response to the deepening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, The Rotary Foundation has created an official channel for Rotary members around the world to contribute funds to support the relief efforts underway by Rotary districts and has designated its Disaster Response Fund as the main avenue for contributions.

To this end, The Rotary Foundation has approved:

  • Now through 30 June 2022, designated Rotary districts that border Ukraine and the Rotary district in Ukraine may apply for grants of up to $50,000 each from the Disaster Response Fund. These expedited disaster response grants can be used to provide relief to refugees or other victims of the crisis including items such as water, food, shelter, medicine and clothing.
  • During this same period, other impacted Rotary districts that wish to offer support to refugees or other victims of the crisis in their district can apply for $25,000 grants from the Disaster Response Fund.
  • Now through 30 April 2022, Rotary districts can transfer unallocated District Designated Funds (DDF) to support the Disaster Response Fund, directly supporting these Ukraine-specific humanitarian grants.
  • Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund in support of Ukraine can be made here. All funds need to be received into the Disaster Response Fund by 30 April 2022 in order to qualify for use in support of the Ukrainian relief efforts.
  • Although the Disaster Response Fund will be the main avenue for Rotary Foundation support, Rotary and Rotaract clubs are also encouraged to create their own responses to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

In addition to support provided through the Disaster Response Fund, the Foundation is coordinating with partners and regional leaders, exploring effective solutions to the increased humanitarian needs.

  • We are in contact with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees – USA to prepare for and respond to the needs of those being displaced in Ukraine and to neighboring countries.
  • ShelterBox, our project partner for disaster response, is in communication with Rotary members in Eastern Europe to explore how it may offer support with temporary transitional housing and other essential supplies.
  • The Rotary Action Group for Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Migration is also mobilizing its resources to assist in this crisis.

A million people have fled Ukraine and are in dire need of emergency aid. The United Nations estimates that number could grow to as many as 5 million people displaced. Rotary clubs in Europe and around the world have stepped up their relief work, some working on the ground to help displaced families.

We will continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Visit My Rotary and follow Rotary on social media to stay updated on how clubs can get involved and what actions Rotary members have taken and the impact it has had for people in the region.

For all other questions and to obtain more information, please contact the Rotary Support Center at