Rotary’s logos mean so much to us. They’re the visual representation of our identity and values, and they instantly convey who we are. Those of us who’ve been with Rotary for many years have even seen the evolution of that logo. Repeated and consistent use of our logos builds global recognition of what we do. That’s why we all wear our Rotary pins so proudly!
Over the next several months, we’ll ask Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact clubs to update their logos to align with our brand standards. This means using the template in the Brand Center to create a club logo and then using it consistently, like on club websites, social media accounts, and signage, to name a few.

As a leader and brand ambassador, you lead by example when you use Rotary’s logos properly in your club publications. You can also support our efforts by addressing branding during virtual club visits, challenging incoming club leaders to update their club logos, or encouraging district public image chairs and committees to contact clubs to offer hands-on assistance.

We understand that updating a logo might not seem to be a very high priority, especially during a pandemic. But look at it this way: With so many of our clubs supporting their communities during this health crisis, consistently using a unified brand signals to the public — including potential members and donors — that local clubs are supporting the community and those clubs are part of the global Rotary network. It establishes trust in our organization and our members.

Resources are available in the Brand Center and Learning Center, plus you can work with your regional or district public image coordinator for guidance and support.

When every club uses the same visual identity, it builds awareness of who we are and the impact that we make around the world as people of action. Thank you for joining our effort to make the Rotary brand stronger than ever.
Some points to remember:
  1. We no longer use the two-color wheel logo
  2. When promoting club events or placing identification on projects, use a compliant logo as created using the Brand Center; you must include your club name and not Rotary alone; this is not a product of Rotary International but of your club
  3. Always create club logos using Brand Center - it is not appropriate to use the Rotary Logo and then place the Club Name around the Rotary Logo; the only way to get the correct font (style, size, color, alignment, spacing, contrast, etc.) is to use the Brand Center
  4. Do not combine the logo with other images
  5. Do not use the Masterbrand "wheel" to replace circle shapes - Zeros, Letter O, Bicycle Wheels, etc.
Here are samples of non-compliant logos:
Do not just add the club name somewhere around the Rotary Logo - create a club logo using Brand Center.
Compliant created using Brand Center: