“For wherever we come together, We will forever overcome.” ~Amanda Gorman
I am a huge fan of Amanda Gorman. This quote is the final line of her New Year’s poem called “New Day’s Lyric.” This is the hope that Rotary offers.
Rotary is where we come together. It is where we face challenges (locally and globally) together. It is where, together in service, we shall overcome those challenges and change lives. We are that place where we belong, where we can contribute and thrive, together.
New Year’s often promotes self-reflection and thoughts of renewal. It is seen as a turning point and an opportunity for growth and betterment. I do not get into making resolutions, but I do set intentions and commitments.
Here is my commitment to you, my fellow Rotarians. I set our goal of 2000 members by July 1, 2022. I set that big bodacious goal with a lot of odds against us getting there and I set it unilaterally (2000 is not the number that all the club’s goals add up to, it is much higher). In other words, this one is on me.
Despite those odds, I still have optimism and even confidence we can get there and here is why…YOU!
We are growing, here are some current statistics (as of Dec. 22nd):
  • We are at 1810 members.
  • We are 1st in our Zone (consisting of 16 districts) in member retention at 97.67%. That is first in our Region (consisting of 23 districts) also.
  • We are 1st in our Zone in members under 40 at 10.55%. That is also first in our Region.
  • We are 1st in our Zone in membership growth at 2.14%. We are 6th in the Region.
What I see this indicating is that YOU are working hard to bring members into your clubs and to even create more clubs! More importantly, you are creating the sense of belonging that makes our members want to stay.
Now we just need to grow what is already working, expand on an existing solution! And that is my commitment, to put the full weight of the resources at the District to help you grow your clubs! We Got This!
Happy New Year my dear friends!