Not slowing down just yet!
Often, as we come into the close of a role, we coast through the final time period. WELL THAT AIN’T HAPPENING! We still have too much to do to slow down now!
First, a big pat on the back for your efforts in supporting our initiatives to help Ukraine. We are making a difference and changing/saving lives.
  • Our grant from the Rotary Disaster Response Fund has helped us ship over 200 tons of medical supplies with our partner UMANA (Ukraine Medical Association of North America). We personally contributed 1000 pounds. Thank you!
  • We have raised well over $100,000 for the Disaster Response Fund. THAT IS INCREDIBLE!
    Just a quick little note: please don’t forget to give to The Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus! The Disaster fund is special and doesn’t count in the money we will receive back for grants.
  • DGE Barbara Bartle made fantastic connections for us in Poland. We will be taking advantage of these connections in our work in the future. Please consider inviting her to speak at your club!
Now some work left to do:
I need your help! Your District Conference is coming up quickly. July 7-9, in Council Bluffs. Check out Conference Chair Barb Morrison’s article in the newsletter. This is our time to celebrate all of your accomplishments, share ideas, and build friendships around the District. Not to mention to have a damn good time!
Here’s what I need:
  • Register (well duh): click here.
  • Kids are very welcome, and we want to create some programming for them, but we need to know that they are coming. Please register early if you have kids attending, indicate their age too. We have an awesome chair for the kids activities, Conor O’Hara (who is a kid so he knows his stuff!).
  • Not sure if you have heard the theme song yet
    We want to make a slide show video to this song with your pictures of you doing the good work of Rotary. Looking for action shots!
    Just a quick little note: come Thursday (7/7) and see our Rotary Band play the song!!
  • We also have a special memorial planned for our Rotarians who have passed this year. It will be held Friday (7/8) at lunch. Please send a note to DGN Kathryn (   with a picture, birth and death dates, years in Rotary, and any titles, awards, and TRF recognition. Much appreciated.
  • AND we are having a parade of presidents at the Recognition Gala Saturday (7/9) Night. So, all presidents for this year and for 2022-23 will be recognized. Please attend!
Some other things still on the docket:
  • We are really close to having a 40th club in the district! Thank you to Mick McKinley who has been working with them to get this off the ground.
  • We are also close to having a satellite club in South Omaha. Thank you to Omaha Downtown for those efforts.
  • We are developing Rotary Fellowships in the District. There has been growing interest from individual Rotarians in several areas. Rotary International has tons of Fellowships, we decided that we could have them locally too. Some will affiliate with the International Fellowship as an official Chapter, others will stand in the District. The good news about Fellowships is that it is a way for us to engage non-Rotarians (or not-yet-Rotarians) in our efforts and it will build relationships across the District and between Clubs. The ones in the works include:
    • Rotary Wine Appreciation Fellowship (already a chapter of the RWAF International)
    • Veterans
    • Young Leaders (YP)
    • LGBT + Friends
    • Environment
    • End Human Trafficking
  • AND then there is the International Convention in Houston, June 4-8th. If you haven’t registered to go you really need to consider it. There are over 30 of us from the District going so far. This is an easy one to attend, you don’t even have to change your watch!
    Just a quick little note: I am presenting a breakout session on Tuesday (6/7) at 1:30pm!!
Holy Cow!! Time to get to work!
Spiral Up!