Rotary Does NOT Hibernate! 
As the weather transitions to shorter daylight and colder temperatures, we often think of curling up and riding out the winter. NOT US!
Here is where we are and where we are going!
NOTE: would someone please volunteer to make me a really cool dashboard that I can update quarterly with our results? Thanks! Until then, here is our progress in a really boring format:
July 1, 2022       1,772
Oct 31, 2022      1,798
Goal                   2,000
  • 20 Clubs have shown growth so far with Columbus Morning really shining brightly with a 29% increase in membership this Rotary year!! Congrats, keep up the great work!
  • Who has some great ideas (or even crazy ones) to share? Contact District Membership Chair Roger Lempke (Lincoln 14) or better yet join his team!
New Club Development:
July 1, 2022        39
Oct 31, 2022       39
Goal                    42
  • We have a new club emerging whose focus will be on Veterans. Special thank you to Bob Collins for his diligence and persistence to get this off the ground.
  • Omaha Downtown has been developing a Satellite Club in South Omaha. Special thank you to John Sullivan for leading this charge.
  • If you have new club ideas reach out to New Club Development Chair Mick McKinley
Gender: Based on binary identifiers, the District sits at 67% male and 33% female. Our goal is to gain more balance in gender diversity.
Age: Our goal again is to gain more balance.
<29                         3%
30-39                     9%
40-49                     14%
50-59                     17%
60-69                     19%
>70                         24%
Unreported             14%
The Rotary Foundation Giving:
Annual Fund:     $48,713                 Goal: $200,000
Polio Plus:           $13,543                 Goal: $50,000
  • November is Foundation month. A great time to spread the word.
  • Gary Bren (Omaha Downtown), Tom Cardwell (Lincoln South), and Patrick Grewe (Lincoln South) are riding in the Tour de Tucson on November 20th. See Gary’s newsletter article with the details of how to join in and support their efforts to raise money for Polio Plus.
Young Leaders Fellowship (YLF)
I want to introduce you to Cara Cool Trede (Council Bluffs Noon) who is the new Chair of the YLF. She is dynamic and driven and perfect for this role. Welcome Cara to the District Leadership Team! Special thank you to Shalimar Mazetis for her efforts in initiating this fellowship.
Cara will be reaching out to clubs to let them know of upcoming opportunities to engage in this fellowship. Some of these opportunities will include networking, social, service, and professional development. “Young” is defined however you wish. Please help her connect with the young Rotarians in your club.
Inclusion Team
The Inclusion team kicked off its second set of learning sessions available at no cost (thanks to an anonymous donor) to all the Rotarians in the District. These 4 sessions are being provided by Out Nebraska and focus on understanding and building belonging for our LGBT members. Special thank you to Rotarian Abbi Swatsworth (Lincoln 14) for arranging these sessions.
District Inclusion Chairs Camille Metoyer-Moten (Omaha Downtown) and Kathryn Schubert (Suburban) are hoping to provide another learning opportunity this spring.
Meanwhile, the Rotary International Diversity Task Force has submitted its Action Plan to the RI Board for approval. We await the publication of this action plan to give us direction on next steps in our inclusion journey. Stay tuned!
Public Image Campaign
PI Chair Jared Bakewell (Suburban) has been hard at work gathering stories (over 25 now) that will be built into videos and written stories to showcase what it means to be a member in our Clubs. He is also working on the public facing website that will house this information.
If you have not liked our District Facebook page ( please do. All clubs have access to post on the district page. Let us know what’s going on and what you are celebrating! Comment and share posts you like. This traffic and interactivity will strengthen our Rotary brand in the region.
Thanks for reading! There is lots going on, this was just a glimpse into some of it. We still have a lot more to do! If anything caught your eye, we would love to have your involvement, just reach out to me or any of the committee chairs.
Spiral Up!