So, it has been 3 months as District Governor. Feels like two weeks and 2 years at the same time!
There are times when I am going all out and just don’t feel like I have gotten any where near where I wanted to be by now. But I have learned some things…
  • Rotarians are amazing! The passion, the drive, the desire to make our communities and the world a better place is abundant. Service Above Self isn’t just a motto, it is in our DNA. We are the good in the world. Share that!
  • Club Presidents are angels. It is not an easy job herding Rotarians, but I love that they find it rewarding and worth the effort. Thank them. If you haven’t stepped up to this role, please consider it, you will not regret this and the District has your back.
  • I am so incredibly grateful for the Area Governors. They are there for the presidents and the clubs they serve. And they have my back, I would truly be lost without them.
  • Your District Governor string is so determined to grow our District. Their mentorship, their energy, their ideas, their willingness to listen to my crazy ideas, has been so supporting. It is good to be on a strong team.
  • Your District Committee Chairs are working hard towards our goals. They continue to build their teams to serve you. A couple things you can do to help them…JOIN THEIR TEAM! And invite them to speak at your club.
  • My DG Classmates from around the region and the world are really special people. These are lifelong friendships, and I am humbled.
  • Patience is not my strong suit, but it is necessary.
  • Details are not my strong suit, but they are necessary.
  • Time management is not my strong suit, but I had better get that figured out!
  • There are a lot of wonderful gifts in being DG, both figuratively and literally! Apparently, you all think I drink a lot of wine. Not so sure where that came from?
Please stay engaged with us. There is so much more to come. You are where you belong.
Spiral Up!