On to Houston!
Not that Houston, the Houston before the Houston!
I am excited to join several leaders from our District in attending a Rotary Zone Institute in Houston next week.
You thought I was talking about the International Convention in Houston in June of 2022, didn’t you? Nope, but get signed up to go with us to Houston in June (https://convention.rotary.org/en)
A bit of background on the organization structure of Rotary.
  • All the great work of Rotary is done at the Club level by Rotarians just like you, all 1.2 million members in 35,000 clubs in 200 countries!
  • The clubs are organized into 535 Districts around the globe. Ours is number 5650! The district’s job is to support the clubs directly.
  • The districts are organized into 34 Zones (we are in Zone 29). Zones are paired (we are paired with 25B). One of the 17 members of the Rotary Board of Directors comes from each pairing. Our RI Director this year is Suzi Howe. The Zone’s job is to support the Districts.
  • Our two Zones basically encompass the middle of the US and Canada to the Texas/Mexico border = 23 Districts. Those are the folks we are going to network, learn, and engage with in Houston.
  • Then there is Rotary International. They, both the volunteer board and the RI staff, support all of us!
So why am I so excited for Zone?
Each year of District Governors are called a class (just like high school or college), it is a group that tends to bond for life. I met my classmates in Kansas City when we were all DG Nominees in 2019. Due to COVID (ugh), we have not had the opportunity to be together since. We have been through a lot together and missed a lot together. I miss my mates! This is also where I lived for 12 years early in my career—a bit of a homecoming if you will.
Of course, I would mention the emotional piece first as that is how I am wired. There is an equally important piece for being excited for Zone, we will be learning together and sharing best practices.
Here’s a rundown on who’s going from D5650 and what they will gain:
  • Barbara Bartle, DGE: this is Barb’s first opportunity to meet her classmates in person. This is a huge introduction in how to be a DG. This is also where you really see the importance of your classmates in helping you be DG.
  • Kathryn Schubert, DGN: this will be a case of drinking from the firehose (sorry Kathryn). She will learn just how much she needs to learn! She will return with tons of questions for me and Barb…and Gary (Treasurer) and Bill (Foundation)…and… She will also return with a million ideas. If you think she is energetic now, just wait! This will be fun!
  • Rob Simmon: Rob serves as our Area Governor Lead but will be at Zone representing the Membership Team. He’s kind of a “jack of all trades” and that is very appreciated.
  • Mike Wortman, District Trainer: he will bring back amazing ideas and best practices (plus share ours) he learns from other District Trainers. This is a fun group. I did this several years ago when I was trainer.
  • Diane Stinton (member of Lincoln 14) will be attending the emerging leader track of the institute. This will be a great networking and idea generating opportunity for her. I loved it when I attended at Rich Rowland’s request years ago. Thanks, Diane, for stepping up.
  • Gary Bren and Roxy Orr will be attending as a zone trainers. This is a specially selected group by the organizers to bestow their facilitation skills and wisdom on the rest of us! Our District 5650 talent on display!  
Expect some Facebook posts while we are there and some amazing stuff when we return.
Spiral Up!