Welcome to July and a NEW Rotary year!  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mick McKinley for doing an excellent job leading our district through last year’s spring flood and then the most challenging days of COVID-19. His leadership was a tremendous benefit to all our clubs. Thank you Mick!

I am proud to be your district governor this year. We have an outstanding team of district leaders. All are eager to help with technology, membership, foundation and public image. Please take advantage of their knowledge and resources.

The theme this year is Rotary Opens Opportunities, which couldn’t be more appropriate. We all are faced with looking for new ways to engage our members and to find ways to serve our communities and the world.

Rotary has launched this year’s strategic priorities and objectives which I feel will truly benefit the sustainability and growth in our clubs. These priorities are: Increase Our Impact, Expand Our Reach, Enhance Participant Engagement, and Increase Our Ability To Adapt. All of these objectives are positive points in which we can create new ways to be of service to our communities and expand membership within our clubs and the creation of new clubs.

I’m so inspired by the initiatives our clubs are taking in finding ways to have hybrid meetings or simply finding ways to hold their regular meetings in person. I would like to stress always to use best practices of safety whether it be in meetings or service projects.

On July 3rd I attended Norfolk’s first of three concerts Music in the Park. Their Rotary club has gone to tremendous lengths this year to get city approval and instill safety guidelines for the participants. The event was very successful and well received by the community. I was honored to present the club with its 100th Anniversary certificate in front of the community and to commend them for the great service they have brought to Norfolk,  I also encouraged others to join the club. Great Job Norfolk Rotary!!! I’m excited to see how Rotary Opens Opportunities for all of us in ways we never dreamed of before.

Have a great July and stay safe.