It is difficult to believe this is my last newsletter. Despite all the challenges, this year has flown by. Our district is strong and resilient as we have proved. We have accomplished so much and found opportunities we did not see a year before.

Just today I visited Club 14 by Zoom. Their program was former RI Director Raffy Garcia III from the Philippines, who was introduced by former RI President John Germ. It is simply amazing these two remarkable Rotarians were at the same club meeting from different parts of the world.

We have come a long way, thanks to technology and the ingenuity of our club members to take the chance and ask. It is amazing, the power of “the ask”. Think about it, the worse that can happen is the person will say no.  With “the ask” we are able to get tremendous programs. With “the ask” we are able to grow our clubs. With “the ask” we are able to grow The Rotary Foundation. With “the ask” we are able to get partners to create large sustainable grants for our communities and the world. Take the time to ask. It is worth it.

I want to take this time to thank all the presidents of District 5650. You have all done an outstanding job keeping your clubs going in one of the most difficult years in decades. Thank you for creating projects and finding ways to fund them. Thank you for all the wonderful dictionaries and scholarships that were presented this year. Often we don’t take the time to appreciate our members for the endless volunteer hours it takes to create, inspire, and execute plans.

Things are improving and we are able to see our fellow Rotary family smile again in person. How lovely the sight. At a recent visit to Nebraska City one member came over and shook my hand, I don’t think that has happened for months, maybe a year.

Within the next few days, the registration will be launched for this year’s District Conference, which is July 24th. I hope you and your families will come and celebrate all our accomplishments this year…and enjoy our great family of Rotary!

It has been my extreme privilege to serve as you District Governor and I thank all of you. I know I’m leaving this position in great hands, Carol Horner is an amazing leader and I’m confident she will raise our district to new levels of excellence.

I would like to end as I began my year with the title of a song by Jason Mraz “Look For The Good.”

Warm regards,
Roxy Orr, District Governor