As we knew it would happen, Spring has arrived. Along with the change of season came terrible flooding. Our District has been impacted greatly – either directly or indirectly.
Time moves on and people start to recover and either rebuild or start somewhere new. During these times of transition, it’s hard to know how to help, who to help or even how to determine what you need. Please know that you are not alone. 
As District Governor, I have been contacted by several districts around the country, as our District Governor-elect Mick McKinley has as well. They are offering their help through monetary donations, physical help where needed and the ever-needed emotional support. Rotary International is rolling out a brand new grant model that will help in disasters such as this one.  The details of this will be brought to you soon.
Rotarians are strong; we are resilient, and we come together to help and hold each other up and together. During this time of recovery, please let me, Mick or any other District officer know how we can help. We are all only a phone call or email message away!
Something else that Rotarians are – we are people who like to have fun! We have some exciting opportunities coming our way this summer. These are activities that will give us something to look forward to and an opportunity to “put down your troubles” for an afternoon or evening . . . or even a weekend by attending our District Conference.  See the other articles in this newsletter for details.
In closing, thanks to each of you for what you do for your families, in your communities and for Rotary. We all have special talents to share and together we do inspire.  Bottom line, we do great things!
As always, don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help in anyway or if you have any questions. (Click here to send email.)
DG Julie