Posted by Dr. Tom Cardwell
Dear follow Rotarians and friends of Rotary: 
A number of people have asked me about how we can respond to the urgent humanitarian needs in Houston and surrounding areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. You may have already read that the 51.88 inches of rain fallen on Houston are unprecedented in the United States. The Houston Metropolitan area is the 4th largest in the United States and as much as 30% of the area is submerged. As of tonight according to the New York Times over 30 deaths have occurred. The rain continues and as of a few minutes ago (10:10 p.m.) news was received of the breaching of a major levee.
I am urging those who wish to help in some way to consider contributing to the American Red Cross. They are scaled up to provide assistance to large numbers of people. I donated earlier this evening and it was easy. You can use PayPal for transaction security and select the amount of your choice.
Jill Schmaderer Orton who is a friend and the Regional Chief Executive Officer of the American Red Cross for Kansas Nebraska has provided the following information.
The American Red Cross has been and will be on the ground for weeks and months to come assisting those affected by #Harvey. We've been responding to disasters like these for more than 136 years. Help us put your compassion into action.
Donate today:, 1-800-REDCROSS or text HARVEY to 90999. Thank you for continuing to support our efforts! Donors can designate gifts to Hurricane Harvey OR Disaster Relief.
As a Rotarian we have a special obligation to try and assist people to be safe and secure. We approach this obligation in many ways of course, but this is a true life-threatening emergency in our midst (continental United States). The Red Cross is professional, trained and ready to respond to disasters. District 5650 is proud of our partnership with the Red Cross. Please donate now to the charity of your choice but...keep track of your donations. You can elect another charity or to not donate at all. However, I am confident District 5650 Rotarians will elect to respond in some way. We will set up a form on the district website to track donations so we can know how we have responded en masse.
Tom Cardwell
District Governor
Rotary District 5650
Nebraska Iowa