Imagine this opportunity. To elevate the profile of Rotary, RI President Jennifer Jones launched a Global Impact Tour. As people of action, people of purpose and people of influence, the tour will engage members, along with community leaders and supporters. Apply today to involve your community.
Each location will include service and social activities.  Jennifer started the tour in Canada, her home country.
Not only did RI President Jennifer announce the tour, she challenged the District Governors to launch a tour in our Districts.  
I am excited to announce that District 5650 and 5630 are collaborating to launch the Imagine Rotary Tour early in the fall.  For more details and the link to the  application to apply to be a "Hub Club", click here.  
Let's showcase Rotary and the communities in our District.  Think about collaborating if you are a community with multiple clubs.
Just imagine.
DG Barbara