Can you believe it has already been 3 months since the new Rotary year began? At this point, hopefully all of the new leaders and chairs have had a chance to settle into their roles and start to feel a bit of momentum building. 
So I thought it would be a great time to send out an article with some programming ideas for the clubs in our district.
Does your club have an exciting, fun, unique, or impactful programming idea to share? We'd love to spread the word to other clubs. Here are some thought starters.
Come up with programming ideas or speakers that align with the calendar year holidays. We can all use some education around many of the holidays we celebrate and most of the holidays we don't celebrate. This could be educational or fun!
Example: Omaha West Rotary Club had Silvia Wells from El Museo Latino speak on October 29th last year about How the Living Celebrate the Day of the Dead. We all learned a lot!
Rotary Monthly Themes
Rotary International designates each month throughout the year with a theme around an important area of focus.
Member Days
Get to know your fellow members in new and unique ways. Let the people who make up your club the program! 
Conversation starters
Show and Tell
Ice breaker games
Guest Days!
Designate a day or two in the year that is solely focused on guests. Plan a couple of months in advance and get your members to each bring at least one guest. The entire program for the day is centered around making guests feel welcome and educating them about rotary and your club. This is a great way to actively recruit and ensure your programming is thoughtfully planned with guests in mind.
Community Events 
Think about big events that are happening around your area and give your members the inside scoop by inviting those involved with the event to speak. Examples: College World Series, Swim Trials, athletics, Maha, Pinnacle Bank Championship, Omaha Film Festival
Current Affairs
What are the hot topics that are on the minds of your members? Political issues, social issues, financial issues, judicial issues, healthcare - help your members get insights from experts who can talk about what's going on.
Collegiate Course Guide
Can you remember some of your favorite college classes? Or some of the classes you wish you would have taken? Pepper in some good old fashioned education by finding educators who can share a bit of knowledge to your members. Topics can be anything under the sun: History, Communications, Science, Astronomy, Agriculture.
Recognition Programs
Does your club have an annual recognition program in place? This is a great way to align your club with the do gooders in the community. Find out what is important to your club members and begin a campaign to recognize those who are making a difference. Examples: Outstanding High School Seniors, Firefighters and Police officers, Educators, Healthcare workers, Volunteers
Speaker Types
Business owners, community leaders, elected officials, chamber members, motivational speakers, athletes, award winners, health and wellness consultants, unique job holders
Young Leaders
Think of an outstanding young person who can come and present. Maybe they have achieved something great. Maybe they are a social media influencer or perhaps a professional gamer. Or maybe they just really love public speaking. There is nothing more energizing than seeing a young person command the stage.
- - Michelle Schrage, Rotary District 5650 Program Chair
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