ClubRunner has added these new features:
  1. Email notification when RI Integration does not process
  2. New Details on the Archive Report
  3. Enhanced Integration / Synchronization information
1. Email notification
When there is any reason that the integration of information does not process, an email notification will be sent to the Club Secretary. A club may choose to have that notification sent to another member. See the How To Guide to set who will receive that notification.
2. New Details on the Archive Report
3. Enhanced Integration / Synchronization information
ClubRunner has improved the information available to us about RI Integration in the Archive Report.
Clubs with ClubRunner Subscriptions will find the archive report on the club website - select the RI Integration link along the top row of menu items and all of the Integration / Synchronization menu options will then appear in the second row.
Clubs without ClubRunner Subscriptions can find the report using the District Website. On the Admin page, select the For Clubs menu link along the top row or menu items. Among of the additional menu items that then appear on the second row will be various Integration / Synchronization meu options.
ClubRunner is continually working with Rotary International and uses input from Clubs and Districts to improve the tools used to maintain and update Data. If you have any questions or ideas that will help you manage your information, please contact