Omaha Downtown Rotary Operation Hippocrates team just returned from Belize. This outstanding humanitarian project was started by Omaha Downtown Rotary in late 1970's to provide medical assistance to British Honduras (now Belize). To see more information and photos, click Read More.
  • Started by Omaha Downtown Rotary in late 1970's to provide medical assistance to British Honduras (now Belize).
  • Program evolved from general medical care to Pediatric Cardiology only.  First medical trip to Belize was in 2001.
  • Medical team (Pediatric Cardiology Interventionist, Pediatric Nurse, Ultra-Sound Sonographer with equipment) from Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha travel annually to Belize to screen children (new born to 18 years old) for congenital heart disease.  Each year examine 100-115 kids and do 55-70 ultra sounds.  Some have no disease, some have mild heart disease, and some have significant heart disease.  Some conditions just need monitoring, some require a heart catheterization to correct defect, some require open heart surgery, and unfortunately, some are not correctable.
  • Covid delayed this years trip from February to now.  Team leaves this Sunday morning April 25th and returns Saturday night May 1st.  Critical to see kids as it's been over a year since last exam.  Many kids (15-20)we saw last year are waiting to travel to US but hospitals won't accept them unless they have an ultra sound less than six months old.
  • Children's team is all volunteer (use personal vacation time for trip).  In addition to team mentioned above, Omaha pediatric cardiologist did first in country heart catheterizations in 2015.  This requires cath lab support team including pediatric anesthetist to travel to support the assist the procedure. Not doing that this year.
  • To date, our visiting Omaha cardiologist has examined over 1,850 kids.  Many are alive in Belize today that wouldn't be without Downtown Rotary's Operation Hippocrates program which is funded through our service fund.   Please continue to support your Rotary service fund.  Contact me with questions or comments
  • Project Chair, LeRoy Swedlund