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Dear Rotarians:
Let’s come together, get registered and Imagine Rotary in District 5650.   The 2023 Rotary District Conference is on Saturday, April 1 at Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC).  The theme is Peace, Love & Understanding.  This overview highlights the arc of the conference.  The itineraries are attached for the Saturday conference and the Friday night, fun-filled social and polio fundraiser, Rotary’s Got Talent!
Last April, I was in Warsaw to assist with the Ukrainian refugee resettlement.  It was a powerful experience.  I met with Rotarian leadership in Poland, and I continue to connect with them throughout this difficult year.  Our District provided funding for medical supplies and equipment, warm clothing and emergency needs, books and toys for children in orphanages.  One project included a partnership with Wolsztyn Rotary Club in Poland, a city of 14,000.  Their community houses over 1000 Ukrainians.  Their club president said, “These are our friends, our sisters and brothers.  We will not leave them alone.  Thank you for your support.  We feel your shoulder.”  These stories have shaped the 2023 District Conference.
We open on Thursday, March 30, with the pre-conference performance of world renown cellist and peace activist, Yo Yo Ma at the Lied Center for Performing Arts.  Friday night is a fundraiser for the eradication of polio starring talented Rotarians in two bands, Rotary’s Got Talent.  Both of these events set the stage for the conference on Saturday, April 1.
Peace and Understanding is the mission of Rotary Youth Exchange and Global grants.  We will hear from our current students with a finale presentation by a graduate of the two programs, Dr. Brady Beecham, a physician and a member of the Lexington Rotary Club.
Disease prevention is another focus of Rotary International.  Chancellor Jeffrey Gold will inform the audience of the work of UNMC to train doctors in Poland on how to treat gas warfare.  UNMC has been in Uganda addressing the outbreak of Ebola.  He will introduce us to the mobile unit that will be on site.  The simulation unit is available to train hospital and EMS personnel in rural areas.
Senator Tom Brewer, a servant leader, will share stories about his journeys to Ukraine the past year.  Afterward, Rotarians will be able to purchase books for the Ukrainian and Afghan children that are now living in our District.  We appreciate the partnership with Lutheran Family Services and Linked2Literacy.
We will hear from the first woman in Rotary, Sylvia Whitlock.  Her Rotary story started in the late 60’s.  It is a journey over 11 years which was decided by the US Supreme Court when membership for women was finally opened…just imagine!
This past year, I enjoyed my visits to our 39 Rotary clubs in the District.  I told the story of my journey to Poland highlighting the Courage of the Ukrainians, the Compassion of the citizens of Poland and the Commitment needed to stay at the table and continue to support Ukraine.  Their stories are powerful.  How can we bring that inspiration home?  How can Rotary be more impactful in our own communities?  Two great panels will help Rotarians answer that question.  The first panel includes Nebraska Department of Economic Development Tony Goins, Buffet Early Childhood Fund President Jessie Rasmussen, Lincoln Housing Authority Development and Planning Manager Thomas Judds and facilitator, Nebraska Community Foundation President Jeff Yost.  The second panel includes leaders from two Rotary communities that are addressing the impact challenge.  Panelists include Shenandoah leaders Mayor Roger McQueen, Director of Economic Development Gregg Connell and facilitator, Rotary President Julie O’Hara.  District Public Image Chair Randy Bretz will represent Lincoln Rotary 14.
Saturday night features the club presidents and president-elects at the Golden Wheel dinner where the prestigious Cadwallader Award will be presented.  The inaugural class of Golden Wheel Awardees will be honored.  Their community leadership has made a difference all across our District.   Attendees will enjoy talented musicians who will provide inspiration including Seasons of Love from the musical Rent.   The bookend to the conference arc is the keynote by Nebraska Adjutant General Daryl Bohac with the theme of Peace, Love and Understanding.
The Conference committee has created a very special and meaningful conference experience for our District.  Now we need YOU!  Thank you for registering to take part in these wonderful events throughout the conference.  All of the conference events take place in the banquet hall at Nebraska Innovation Campus in Lincoln with The Scarlet as the conference hotel.
Our Rotary International theme this year is Imagine Rotary.  Thank you for attending and helping us all imagine a better world filled with peace, love and understanding.
Barbara Bartle
5650 District Governor
Lincoln NE 402-770-3323
P.S.  Register at this link below or go to District 5650 website.