The 2019 Rotary Manual of Procedures is now available online or downloaded as a PDF (notification below).
This includes all of the changes from the latest Council of Legislation. Besides being available at, a copy is on the downloads list on the District Website.
From: Council Services <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 10:50 AM
Subject: Rotary International: 2019 Manual of Procedure
Dear Rotarians,

The 2019 Manual of Procedure (MOP) is now available!

You are receiving a PDF copy of the English 2019 MOP, which contains the official text of the constitutional documents. Please click to download your PDF. The MOP, along with other governance documents, can also be accessed on My Rotary at: Language versions of the MOP will be available by the end of October, but the constitutional documents are currently available in languages on My Rotary.

Hardcopies of the MOP can be purchased shortly in the Rotary Shop at These will be available through April 2020, or you may simply print the PDF. We have updated the format of the 2019 MOP to allow for easy printing.

The constitutional documents were published in English in June 2019; however, a few corrections came to our attention shortly afterwards for the RI Bylaws and the Club Constitution. The updated documents are now posted to My Rotary and have been updated in the published MOP. If you have the previous version, please note the following corrections:
__• _RI Bylaws
  • The last sentence in subsection 3.020.1. was moved to subsection 3.020.6.
  • A second sentence was added to section 6.010., plus a reference to the section was added to section 12.010.
__• _Club Constitution
  • In article 10, subsection 3 (a), the reference was corrected to “sub-subsection (1)(d)(7).”
  • In article 13, section 4 (a), the “or” was corrected to “and” between sub points 1 and 2.  
We hope you enjoy the updated MOP, but if you have any questions, please let us know at

Best regards,

Sarah Christensen

Sarah Christensen
Supervisor | Council Services

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