On Saturday, March 30, 2024, we held our first in-person RLI session since October 2019! The Rotary Leadership Institute, or RLI for short, is designed as three interactive, facilitated sessions focusing on topics designed to provide Rotary knowledge and develop leadership skills.
RLI does not provide position specific training, such as for a president or a board member.  Instead, it is an opportunity for EVERY Rotarian to really “discover Rotary” using the three different tracks of knowledge.
For our first session back, we had six Rotarians from six different Clubs from three different cities attend Part I! 
Part I centers on the basics of being a Rotarian.  This is the fundamental building block of a strong Rotary.  Without strong Rotarians there is no future for Rotary so that is why we start with you, the member!
RLI believes that having leadership skills does not alone assure good Rotary leadership. An effective Rotary leader must ALSO have Rotary knowledge, perspective on where Rotary has been, where it is now and a vision of what it could be in the future.
Having so many clubs represented shows how passionate we are about the future of Rotary and that our Clubs want the best leaders and members possible!  This is just one of the many reasons why we are the BEST ROTARY DISTRICT IN THE UNIVERSE!!
The next session of RLI will be held on April 20th and will include Parts I and II.  EVERYONE IS INVITED TO ATTEND!!  Click here for more information.
NOTE: We are actively seeking businesses that would like to host a session of RLI.  If your place of business has room to host three separate meetings of 8-12 people simultaneously, please email Kathryn Schubert at dgkathryn5650@gmail.com.