“The Rotary Peace Fellows are a string of pearls.” (David C. Forward)
Two of Rotary International’s long-standing priorities have been peace and education. International exchanges have built international relationships; educating people internationally has helped build friendships across borders. Yet the making of peace in communities and between nations takes concerted effort; to build a network of persons schooled in conflict management and dedicated to human empowerment, Rotary created the Peace Fellowship.
Fellows study at one of seven centers: Durham, North Carolina; Tokyo, Japan; Bradford, England; Brisbane, Australia; Uppsala, Sweden; Bangkok, Thailand; and Kampala, Uganda. They may pursue a Master’s degree or a certificate; recent graduates have, among many things, been founders of NGOs, served at the United Nations, been leaders at the World Bank and in several governments, and been journalists and educators.
I am asking two things of Rotarians in District 5650. First, if you may be interested in the possibility of being part of the promotion of this program in our District, contact me to learn how to be involved. As the District’s Peace Fellowship Subcommittee Chair, I was privileged to interview three candidates for the Fellowship, all from East Africa. They are remarkable, accomplished people with strong motivation for this program. I will be glad to select two or three others in our District to work with me on understanding and promoting the Fellowships, and getting to know potential Fellows.
I also ask you to consider whether you know someone whose professional work may benefit from focused study on peacemaking. Have them contact me for information about eligibility and application, or direct them to https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/peace-fellowships to learn more. The application process for Fall 2024 opens this February.
Rotary: Committed to peace and human development. We follow through on our commitments.
Bob Keefer
Rotary Club of Omaha (Downtown)