The 7th annual District 5650 Rotary Youth Leadership Award Camp (RYLA) will be held April 6-8, 2018 at Camp Kitaki near Louisville.  The camp teaches high school sophomores and juniors about the importance of leadership and involvement in their community and world. 
The weekend includes interesting speakers, workshops, and other activities that facilitate growth and team building.  It is available to high school sophomores and juniors who have not reached their 18th birthday by April 6, 2018.  Camp Kitaki has many great attributes, among them great accommodations and food for campers and an amazing challenge course including a climbing wall.  There are also hiking trails, and cozy comfortable chairs in which to work on some projects. At night there are camp fires, a dance, and time for students to form life-long friendships.  Past students have reported the camp to be amazing and a wonderful experience.  There are exercises in critical thinking and how to work with partners in other countries to address pressing issues at home and abroad related to education, health, sanitation, maternal and child health. 
For pictures of camps from previous years visit:
At this address there is a link to the application and also other explanatory material about the camp.  The cost of attendance is $200 which is born by clubs who nominate students.  We at District 5650 can help link you to a club for sponsorship.  It is also possible for students to pay the cost themselves if the number of scholarships is insufficient. 
The core curriculum is as follows: 
1) Fundamentals of leadership
2) Ethics of positive leadership
3) Importance of communication skills in effective leadership
4) Problem-solving and conflict management
5) Rotary's purpose and service to the community
6) Building self confidence and self-esteem
7) Elements of community and global citizenship
For additional information contact District RYLA Chair: Dr. Emira Ibrahimpasic at or call her at 402-309-0978 or District Governor Dr. Tom Cardwell at or 402-239-9097.