The 7th annual District 5650 Rotary Youth Leadership Award Camp (RYLA) will be held April 6-8, 2018 at Camp Kitaki near Louisville.  The camp teaches high school sophomores and juniors the importance of leadership and involvement in their community and world. 
Students can apply on line and so far that process has been working well.  The cost of attendance is $200 which is borne by clubs sponsoring students. 
The camp administrator is Dr. Emira Ibrahimpasic.  For more information about the program please visit the RYLA page on the District 5650 Website (click here). In addition you can visit our Facebook page:
The online application is available HERE. In addition to the online application we will still provide standard paper copy (attached to this email) that you can pass on to interested parties.  Once you have selected students and would like to nominate them please make sure to mail the application to Tom Cardwell (address listed below). 
Tom Cardwell
7221 South 33rd Street
Lincoln, NE 68516
Once we receive an online application from the student we will pass it on to your club to review the application and decide if you will sponsor the student applicant.  Students will be notified of acceptance directly by your club and I ask that a list of accepted students be passed onto me at your earliest convenience.  The fee for sponsoring a student will remain $200 as in the past.  Once your club has selected students to participate please fill out and send the Club Commitment Form (click here) and check to:
Emira Ibrahimpasic
District 5650 RYLA 2018 Chair