The focus of October is on economic and community development. For more than 100 years, Rotary has united leaders who are committed to using their expertise to take action and improve their communities. Awareness of Rotary is high. But public understanding of who we are, what we do, and the value we bring to communities is concerningly low.
When we tell our story in ways that help people everywhere understand what Rotary does, how we’re different, and why our work matters – Rotary will reach its full potential.
Our most recent research tells us that the public still doesn’t have a true understanding of what Rotary stands for, how we’re different, why we matter, or the impact we make. They don’t know what we do in local communities or what role we’ve played in the effort to end polio. And nearly 60 percent of those surveyed said they were unaware that a Rotary club exists in their own community.
My challenge to you this month is to let the people in your community know that Rotarians are people of action. The People of Action campaign communicates the essence of Rotary and reflects our values, such as:
• We build lifelong relationships.
• We honor our commitments.
• We connect diverse perspectives.
• We apply our leadership and expertise to solve social issues.
Take a look at ways you can help your community, get in touch with your elected leaders and offer to do a community assessment.
- - Randy Bretz, District Public Image Chair