Can’t Stop the Feeling! By Justin Timberlake has been on my daily dance playlist all winter (what, you don’t?). Dancing has been part of my coping strategy for being cooped up and isolated. It builds my energy mid-day that carries me through the afternoon.
What I noticed once Rotary training season began over a month ago was that Rotary and Rotarians gave me that same kind of energy.
“Got this feeling inside my bones…
I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good soul in my feet…”
International Assembly, 11 days of Zoom—I know sounds dreadful but was the complete opposite. I didn’t want it to end. The ideas, inspiration, and connections abounded beyond my belief.  And we ended with an international party hosted by the Rotaractors and we danced (hearing a theme here)!
We completed the District Team Training Seminar on February 20th and it was amazing! The ideas, energy, and commitment from your District Leaders and Area Governors was inspiring and downright intoxicating. (Yes, of course, we danced! Get ready Presidents-Elect!)
We had a fantastic conversation around Rotary International’s Action Plan with the chair of the team that helped put it together, Rotary International Director Stephanie Urchick. What a treat!
President-Elect Training Seminar in on March 20th and I am so excited for this group to get together. One of the (many) things that DG Roxy implemented this Rotary year was monthly Presidents meetings as a opportunity for the Club Presidents to share the great work of their club members and support each other as leaders. I am really looking forward to continuing that practice and further grow the relationships and cooperation of the clubs, district wide. PETS is where we set the stage! Working on the dancing playlist now!
I will wrap up with the most important thing I want to share…absolutely enormous gratitude for the Education Team! They are rocking it! I would be a shambled mess without them. Thank you--Dwayne Brown (District Trainer and Improv Energizer Extraordinaire!), Gretchen Bren (Training Design Guru and my personal sounding board), Barb Bartle (DGN and magnificent ideator and connector), and Mike Wortman (Trainer-Elect and the jump in and ask great questioner—questions help me think). When you get the opportunity to interact with any of these folks, say thanks!
“Ooh, it’s something magical…
Feeling good creeping up on you! Can’t Stop the Feeling” of Rotary!