Did you know that we . . . you and I . . . are changing lives all over the world? That’s right, we’ve helped rebuild homes destroyed by hurricanes, we’ve given some remote people solar powered lights so they can see at night, we’ve helped give people in Zambia clean drinking water, we’re giving Polio vaccinations to youngsters on the other side of the world and we (you and I) even have a seat at the United Nations.
We’re doing all that and so much more through the power of the Rotary International Foundation. What’s more, we’re helping bring peace to the world by supporting some incredibly talented people through Peace Fellowships. Each year you and I, through the Rotary International Foundation, give 130 incredible people a chance to study at one of our peace centers so they can return home and focus on bringing peace to our divided world.
Don’t just take my word for it, listen to what some of them have to say about the Peace Fellowship.  https://youtu.be/D3yrkaOpjPk
Thank you for your involvement in all of these incredible activities, doing good things in the world. Thank you for being part of Rotary. And, most of all, thank you for giving to the Rotary International Foundation. https://www.rotary.org/en/donate 
Now, the next time someone asks you about Rotary, be sure and let them know that we’re a whole lot more than a group of people who gather for a meal, ring a bell and recite the 4-way test, we’re making a positive impact on the world. 
~ ~ Randy Bretz, Rotary District 5650 Public Image Chair