The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers is a network of Rotary members who work to strengthen the impact of Rotary Foundation global grants and projects.
Through the use of professional expertise and technical skills in Rotary's areas of focus and financial auditing, they assist members with project planning and grant applications. To learn more about the Cadre of Technical Advisers click here.
Tom Cardwell is a member of the Cadre of Technical Advisors and recently completed his review of a global grant project. In an email from the Rotary Foundation:
Dear Dr. Cardwell:
Thank you very much for completing the Cadre evaluation of GG2015074.   Your evaluation has been reviewed by the Grants team; they appreciate your positive and diplomatic approach when interviewing all project stakeholders.  Your TRF Regional Grant Officer and the team commend you for providing an extremely thorough and detailed evaluation (one of the best they’ve ever seen!).
Your report has been very informative and helps the Foundation understand what is taking place at the project site. The Foundation relies on cadre members like you to confirm that the Foundation’s funds are spent wisely and that grant projects benefit communities in need.  
Included in this message are your club and district leaders, as well as your Cadre Regional leader, so that they are aware of your Cadre service and positive impact on Rotary grants!
We look forward to working with you on future assignments.
With kind regards,
Veronica Dominguez
Rotary Foundation Stewardship Specialist