World Polio Day is coming up on October 24 – what is your club going to be doing?
If your club is taking action and organizing a community event and/or fundraiser Rotary wants to know about it.  Register your club’s participation in World Polio Day at
You can find more resources for creating your own Polio events in the EndPolio Resource Center at  - click on the World Polio Day materials for pictures and media messages you can have at your meetings, website and for media posts.  We also have some great ideas on the District Polio page at
We appreciate those clubs that do something big, but let’s think small too.  Why not write a letter to the editor about Polio?  Your District End Polio Now Committee will be sending out sample letters that you can customize and send to your local newspaper.  Could you get 4 members of your club to send in a letter each week?
Think of how many people will see that information.  Look for this template soon or create one on your own.
Lastly, did you know you can create your own RAISE.ROTARY.ORG fundraiser?  This is a great way to raise money online for a polio event.  Look for a fundraiser for PDG Gary Bren’s Tour de Tucson ride that will raise money for polio.  Donating this way makes sure that both the cause AND YOU AND YOUR CLUB gets credit toward your polio goal.
Other links:
Click here to read Rotary's statement on the recent polio detections.
Click here for the How To Take Action flyer.
And I'd like to thank Aurora Club President Jim Ediger for this link that includes a great 2 minute video about vaccine derived polio  and other information.-