See this young woman, she’s probably going to become a doctor and serve the people in Tanzania because of Rotary, because of you.
That’s right, you and Rotary can stand tall knowing that Wanzita  Ally, a poor child from Tanzania, who lost her father when she was young, who grew up living with her mother and grandmother who were farmers . . . Wanzita was given an opportunity by Rotary to come to the United States and study. Read her story, then talk about it with your friends, coworkers, and family.\
You and I are doing good in the world and during May we focus on all that we do for youth through Rotary. We sponsor youth exchange, Rotary Peace Fellowships, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, scholarships and so much more. I encourage you to take a few moments and look through the stories on the Rotary International website, then share with pride the work we are doing to help tomorrow’s leaders.