Contact: Nicki Klein
United States of America

The Annual Meeting for Rotary District 5650 is May 09, 2024.

Clubs must identify voting delegates 45 days in advance of the meeting. The deadline to identify voting delegates  is March 25, 2024.

From the District Website / Newsletter article: Each Club will have the opportunity to select, certify, and send to the Annual Meeting at least one delegate. Any Club with a membership of more than 25 Rotarians will be entitled to one additional delegate for each additional 25, or major fraction (more than half) thereof, of its members. The membership of each Club will be determined as of July 1, 2023.  

As soon as your Club Boards selects your delegate(s), please submit them to Nicki Klein, District Executive Secretary, at

Your club may nominate an at-large board member to the Rotary District 5650 Board. Your nominee needs to be a past president of your club. Nominationsare made by the Board of your Club – one nominee per club. All past presidents in good standing are eligible, including those in District Leadership positions (as long as they are not currently on the District Board).