Memorial Stadium
One Memorial Stadium Drive
Lincoln, NE 68588
United States of America

Volunteers must be 16+

Email from DG Barb:
Dear Rotarians,

In this season of gratitude, I am especially thankful for all you! Each one of you is working so hard to support your club in providing good works for your community.  All over this District, I see you putting service above self.  You have great hearts, and you’ve warmed mine.

We have a special request put out by Dick Cochran - the CEO of HotMeals USA. This tremendous service to so many traces its founding to Rotary District 5630 when flood waters devastated our state. District 5650 contributed with a grant as well and is noted on the signage.  Many Rotarians in both Districts have volunteered for the HotMeals USA trailer as it provided needed nourishment for the most vulnerable and  to our first responders when fires broke out across the state this year, including the recent fire at Halsey.

Dick was approached by the University of Nebraska and asked if HotMeals would be able to help with concessions. This provides a plus on multiple levels - it gives statewide and university system recognition to HotMeals USA - it helps us elevate Rotary across the state with new faces and new contacts, and may even help fund a project or two. 

Here are the specifics:
  • HotMeals USA needs 30 volunteers to help at Memorial Stadium November 19, 2022, at a Cornhusker football game. The volunteers will be selling concessions in the stadium. Football tickets are not needed and free parking is provided. We don't know the start time of the game but do know that volunteers are asked to show up 2.5 hours before kickoff. You may or may not be able to see the game, but big screens are all over. Volunteers will not be climbing the stairs or selling in the stadium. 
  • HotMealsUSA will be paid $75 per volunteer - a portion of which HotMeals will share back to the clubs of the individuals providing the volunteer service. We will be able to put out Rotary donation jars at the windows ... wear our Rotary shirts and hats ... promote our organization….and build new friendships between Districts 5630 and 5650.
In summary …
  • November 19, 2022 - HotMeals USA – Rotarians needed in Lincoln at Memorial Stadium to help with concessions for a Cornhusker football game
  • You will receive more information with details, like parking location, from HotMeals USA once you signup.  I may be able to answer questions, but this is the information we have right now.
Thanks again everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!
DG Barbara Bartle
District 5650