Setting and Submitting Goals
  • Clubs establish goals.
  • Clubs should use the District Goals (below), the District Profile Program (click here), and the Rotary Citation (click here) as guidelines for setting individual club goals.
  • Clubs enter the goals using Rotary Club Central
  • At a minimum, goals need to be entered for:
    • Membership Growth
    • Giving to The Rotary Foundation
    • Giving for Polio Plus
  • Additional goals (such as for service projects, member involvement) need to be set to earn credit toward the District Profile Program and the Rotary International Presidential Citation.
Rotary District 5650 Goals
2019-20 Rotary Year
Mick McKinley, District Governor
1.    At least 75% of the clubs achieve the Rotary Citation (click here). 
How do we achieve that?
a.    Have AG’s present the citation to all clubs and challenge PE’s to achieve.
b.    Promote achievement of Citation at PETS
c.    Have clubs submit their goals in Rotary Club Central
d.    Have AG’s review club reports and assist where necessary
2.    Achieve a net membership increase of 50 members by 6/30/2020
How do we achieve that?
a.    Have each club achieve a net membership increase of 1 member. 
b.    Have at least 1 silver 1 gold and 1 platinum club award winner in the district
3.    Inspire clubs to use Rotary’s new messaging and public image campaign to tell their “People of action” stories. 
How do we do that?
a.    Appoint a public image chair
b.    Form a functioning public image committee
c.    Build a social media profile that clubs can utilize
d.    Engage our Rotaractors in getting the message out.
4.    Strengthen and support Club – Insure all clubs are aware of the new membership types and Club types
a.    Educate AG’s and membership chair on various types 
b.    AG’s to meet with the clubs to assess needs and educate club presidents and membership chairs.
c.    Have all clubs set goals in Rotary Club Central
d.    Track goal performance and share with clubs
Rotary District 5650 Goals
2018-19 Rotary Year
Julie O'Hara, District Governor
  • Hold one family event per club 
  • Each club have a net gain of 1 member
  • Increase female membership by 1 member per club
  • Humanitarian Service
    • Sponsor or co-sponsor two Interact clubs and one Rotaract club
    • Increase number of members involved in service projects
  • Hold an event that will raise money for Polio and to promote Rotary’s role in Polio eradication
  • Public Image
    • Have each club create a People of Action ad
    • Have these shown at my district conference
    • Use Rotary showcase to brag about successful club events – one project/club
    • Talk to the media to tell our club stories and about Rotary’s story
Rotary District 5650 Goals
2017-18 Rotary Year
Thomas Cardwell, District Governor
  • Increase by 10% the number of women in each of our district Rotary clubs 
  • Increase by 10% the number of Rotarians under age 40 in each of our clubs 
  • Increase RYLA attendance to 100 young people
  • Add 1 (and preferably 2) new club(s) to the district 
  • Increase our membership again this year and be the #1 district in Zone 28 for membership increases. 
  • Have every club meet 2017 Presidential Citation criteria 
  • Have every individual in every club plant a tree 
  • Have every club host a community forum or seminar on a topic of interest to the community
  • $115 per member toward the Annual Programs Fund
  • $32 per member toward Polio Plus