How do you donate to End Polio?

Neither the dues you pay to Rotary nor donations made to the Annual Fund (SHARE) support polio.  Only donations ear-marked specifically for Polio goes to help.  You can make your donations at using a credit card – donations will also count toward your next Paul Harris Fellowship when you sign in to My Rotary.  You can sign up for a one time donation or do a monthly donation.
Why not try missing a meal at Rotary once a month and donate that amount to polio?
If your club collects your Polio Donation as part of your dues, this is done using My Rotary in the Club Administration page.  Scroll until you find Club Giving or use the links below:
Make a contribution to The Rotary Foundation or to a Foundation-approved project on behalf of your club or club members.
Printable Forms
Send printed forms to The Rotary Foundation with your credit card number or check, or as soon as a wire transfer is initiated.

Additional notes on giving

Rotary announced in 2017 that they are moving to online donations as the preferred method.  However, if you still need to send in a check, you can find the paper forms.
When using these links, you will need to select your cause to support.  Donations are accepted to the Annual Fund (SHARE), Polio Fund and others on this page. 
For more help, check out The Rotary Learning Center: Managing Club Finances: Club Treasurer.  For more information on the Foundation – check out the Learning Center Course Rotary Foundation Basics.