STUDENTS | VOLUNTEERS | FACILITATORS – when we determine a 2021 date, we will contact each of you to agree and accept the new dates. If you are unable to attend the new dates, we will recruit again to fill your spot.
SPONSORS | OTHER STAKEHOLDERS – we will stay in communication.
The 2020 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp is canceled.  Please communicate with us via ryla@district5650rotary.org.   



As you may have imagined by now, RYLA will not take place this year. We will maintain/rollover all club’s student recruits and/or reserved camper slots into 2021. Then, we will again invite the 2020 selected students, even if they will be seniors. If the students are unable to make it, you will be informed so you may recruit again.
District plans are to raise tuition to $300 per student in 2021. If your cub wishes to rollover your students/$ into 2021 you will not owe more money in 2021. You may elect to have a refund.  If so, next year’s tuition is $300 per student. If you wish for a refund, please contact us at ryla@districy5650rotary.org.
2020 Attendance was capped at 50 students and supplies were purchased for 50 students. If we are to increase that number in 2021, there may be associated cost increases. The Omaha West Club stepped up this year as the Gold Medal Sponsor to help finance unknown and increased expenses.  It may be that we will seek a Silver or Bronze sponsor, and even specific activity sponsors to help with increased and unexpected, post-COVID-19 expenses in 2021.  Please consider this when you are preparing your 2021 Budgets.
It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that your club complete a 2021 RYLA Reservation and Budget form during your 2020 budget process*.  
The RYLA Reservation and Budget Form reserves new 2021 RYLA camper spaces for your club or indicates you wish to rollover your current commitment. This form is due by July 1, 2020. This information will kindly help to set 2021 expectations and allows RYLA to confidently and adequately plan for the anticipated attendance and budget. You may find this early planning practice helpful as well.
We do not know if camp will remain in the spring.  We are entertaining a few new options.  We will keep you posted with monthly updates as needed.  Meantime, we wish to create a District 5650 RYLA Committee Directory for better communication.  If you are in charge of RYLA for your club, please let us know.  And, if anyone wants to join the year-round RYLA committee, please contact us at ryla@district5650rotary.org.
*If you are choosing to rollover your 2020 students/$ into 2021, please indicate it on the 2021 RYLA RESERVATION and BUDGET Form.
  • RYLA 2020 is canceled.
  • Your club may rollover your current students/camper spaces into next year with no cost increase.
  • Your club may choose a refund.  If so, you will pay the increased tuition of $300 per student in 2021.
  • You must please complete and submit a RYLA Reservation Form by July 1, 2020 to declare your participation for 2021. This will become a yearly practice.
  • Please share your RYLA Committee contact information at ryla@district5650rotary.org