STUDENTS | VOLUNTEERS | FACILITATORS – when we determine a 2021 date, we will contact each of you to agree and accept the new dates. If you are unable to attend the new dates, we will recruit again to fill your spot.
SPONSORS | OTHER STAKEHOLDERS – we will stay in communication.
Please communicate with us via ryla@rotarydistrict5650.org.   



  1. Submit the RYLA Reservation and Budget Form for your club by July, 1, 2020
  2. Please also submit your club’s RYLA committee contact
Even though we are maintaining/rolling-over all club’s 2020 student recruits and/or reserved camper slots into 2021, your club is kindly yet strongly urged to please submit a 2021 RYLA Reservation Form as confirmation of rollover or to reserve new/more 2021 camper spaces by July 1, 2020. This is a NEW PRACTICE.  Please read further.


Starting this year and going forward, clubs must complete and submit a RYLA Reservation and Budget form as a part of the annual budget process and return it to ryla@rotarydistrict5650.org by July 1.  
  1. The RYLA Reservation and Budget Form is your reservation form for your club’s  RYLA camper spaces – reserve the # of students you plan to send to RYLA (names not needed at this time – just need a headcount).
    1. RYLA student tuition will be $300 beginning in 2021. If your cub rolls over your students/$ into 2021 you will not owe more money in 2021.
  2. The RYLA Reservation and Budget Form is also your commitment of funds to RYLA, above and beyond student tuition.
    1. It may be that we will seek a Silver or Bronze sponsor, and even specific activity sponsors to help with any increased or unexpected, post-COVID-19 expenses in 2021.  Please consider this when you are preparing your 2021 Budgets.
  3. **Special for this year** This form is where you confirm your 2020 rollover into 2021 or request a refund.
  4. This form is due by July 1, 2020 to ryla@rotarydistrict5650.org
This information will cooperatively help to set camp expectations and allows the RYLA committee to confidently and adequately plan for the anticipated attendance and budget. You may find this early planning practice helpful as well.


If you are in charge of RYLA for your club, please make yourself known to the District RYLA Committee.  This way we can communicate directly and efficiently throughout the planning year. Please contact us at ryla@district5650rotary.org with your name, club, and contact info – thank you.


  • Please complete and submit a RYLA Reservation Form by July 1, 2020 to declare your club’s participation for 2021. This will become a yearly practice.
  • Your club may rollover your current 2021 students/camper spaces into next year with no cost increase.
  • Your club may choose a refund.  If so, you will pay the increased tuition of $300 per student in 2021.
  • Please share your RYLA Committee contact information at ryla@district5650rotary.org