Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp will resume May 7-9th, 2021 at Camp Fontanelle in Nickerson, NE. Students selected to attend in 2020 will have the first right of refusal to attend. The Committee is re-inviting them all now to determine how many available spaces there will be to fill the weekend at 50 students. WE WILL START ACCEPTING STUDENT APPLICATIONS IN JANUARY 2021. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 1, 2021.
Please communicate with us via   

ACT now - only four camper spaces left!

As explained by Governor Roxy, please submit your club Reservation Form ASAP.  This form tells us whether your club wishes to roll-over your 2020 commitment, receive a refund, or reserve student spaces for your club to host in 2021.  2021 Student fees are $300.  If your 2020 commitment roll-over was already paid, you will not owe more. Here is the 2021 RYLA RESERVATION AND BUDGET FORM

WHO is your club’s RYLA Committee Chair?

We are creating a contact list to keep everyone up to date, do some crowdsourcing, etc.  We wish to direct all communication to the proper person. Please send name and contact information to

It TAKES a district

The succession structure of RYLA is formed by a District Chairperson and TWO Co-Chairpersons.  After the District Chair serves one year, the First Co-Chair becomes the District Chair and the Second Co-Chair becomes the First Co-Chair.  Then a new Second Co-Chair is selected.
This process maintains the integrity of the RYLA program, better manages the strategic plan, and helps to maintain consistency.  Moreover, this structure allows for each club to have a role in shaping the future of RYLA, as the District Chair’s club is the host club for that year. No club need to manage RYLA every year and shouldn’t have to; RYLA is a District collaboration.

RYLA NEEDS Two Co-Chairs

As a Co-Chair you will help with the planning and implementation of the three-day camp. You will provide input on programming, help with student selection, registration, camp readiness, recruiting volunteers, and camp operations for the weekend. And, you will then ascend to the District RYLA Chairperson role, where your club is the host club for the year and you are the lead camp planner for the program and the District. Please contact District RYLA Chair Lori Benton to learn more about,  and volunteer for this impactful, leadership building opportunity. or 404-694-0846.

Does Your Club Support Students?

Does your club honor students at any time, for any reason?  We want to add them to our District Student database. In this way we can include them in future involvement in Rotary by way of Youth Exchange, Interact, RYLA, Rotaract, Scholarships, and more.  We can invite these students to our club community service projects, our meetings, and other engagements to grow into their Rotary community. This contact with District 5650 and local clubs will ensure a healthy flow of new Rotarians; and that’s what we all want. Please share your student information with us at

Here we grow!

The 2021 camp will be only for 50 students as we get comfortable with all the newness of the program and the volunteers. It is our hope to grow this camp over the years.  Maybe not to the 400 students hosted for a week in Oklahoma, but maybe. It all depends on where we want to take this program; how we choose to grow our future Rotarians.
Please volunteer, donate, communicate, and engage.  Lori Benton is available to speak at your club meeting most anytime.  Invite her to speak at your club today. or 404-694-0846.