A message was sent to all Club Presidents, secretaries and executive administrators and relevant district officers about a special meeting that is now required by Rotary International to insure complete transparency within districts concerning all district finances. Clubs are to provide delegates to participate and vote for approval. This will be done as an online meeting on December 12 at 7:00 PM.
We need your assistance to make sure that the interests of your club are properly represented. Per our bylaws, we need nominated delegates from all of our clubs to participate in the meeting.  Those delegates represent your club's voice on matters such as the District Budget and election of Officers.   Your delegates need to be reported by the Club President or Club Secretary to the District Administrator (exec@rotarydistrict5650.org) by Dec. 10th to be recorded.
When you report Delegates, please provide their name, email address and club.   This is necessary so that we have certified delegates attending the online event.  We will open the meeting to non-delegates as well, but we need certified delegates reported first.Later the invitation to the online webinar will be sent to the reported Delegates.
As a reminder, per the bylaws, each club is allowed one delegate per each 25 members, rounded to the next highest or lowest number.  For example, a club with 37 members gets one delegate and club with 38 members gets two delegates. Delegates can proxy their vote to another delegate from the same club.  Such proxies must be reported along with the delegate list submitted to the District Administrator.
To make sure you have the information your delegates need, we will send pre-meeting materials to you in advance. The meeting agenda is:
 * A discussion led by Frank Goldberg assisted by Jim Mastera of his review of the 2016-17 District financials. 
 * Suggestions for increased transparency or better district financial operations.  
 * A delegate vote on whether to adopt the review as presented or amended. 
 * District Financial Plan adhoc committee 
The participation of your club through its delegates is important to insuring transparent and effective operation of our District. We appreciate your assistance in making sure the interests of your club are fully represented.
Thanks in advance for your participation and assistance!