Rotary International requires that signage / flyers / documents clearly identify your club to ensure that everyone understands who is responsible for the item or event. It is important to ensure that it identifies your Club and that it is not something coordinated by Rotary International.
The Rotary club logo is comprised of Rotary Masterbrand Signature plus the club name. It is important to use the Brand Center - do not "free hand" a logo or have a graphic artist create something for you. the Brand Center must be used to ensure that the color, font and size are all compliant.
Click here for the Rotary Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines.
Click here for the Rotary Logos At A Glance document.
The image with this article includes one example of a compliant logo. Below are more. These are all options on the Brand Center.
Using the Brand Center at Rotary International to create your logos will ensure consistency and compliance - and it is easy! A copy of an earlier article is shown below. You can also contact for assistance.
Use the Brand Center at to create your brand compliant Rotary Club logo in a variety of image formats.
NOTE: png format creates a transparent background
Here are the steps:
                Log into the Brand Center
                Step 1: Click on Materials
                Step 2: Create Your Own
                Step 3: Club Logo Template
                Step 4: Create (fill in the boxes)
                Step 5: Save
                Step 6: Name It
                * Here is the trick to select a specific image format ……
                Step 7: Refresh (once or twice) The blue button is no longer shaded
                Step 8: Now the logo is Downloadable as a JPEG, PDF or PNG (or all three)