On July 20th I was notified by District Treasurer Jim Mastera and District TRF Chair Brian Moon that the district was awarded $45,579.00 (DG1856808) and it was wired transferred that day to the district.  There was an additional $10,000.00 available as part of DG1741497.
The grants for this year were reviewed and approved on June 22nd by myself, Brian Moon, Gary Bren, Julie O'Hara, Mick McKinley and Nicki Klein. Click Read More for a list of 2017-18 projects.
Clubs will match The Rotary Foundation grant funds for these projects:
  1. $554-Ashland-Purchase and install seating / picnic table near the electric car charging station by the City Park
  2. $1500-Beatrice-Provide materials and assist in building an outdoor classroom for the Beatrice Community Preschool.
  3. $1500-Bellevue Papillion-Support Magdalene House (for women experiencing violence, prostitution and addiction); maintenance on the house and purchasing items for the residents
  4. $1500-Columbus Morning-Upgrade YFC Facilities to support positive changes: physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.
  5. $3000-Columbus Noon  and Columbus Morning-Help purchase and install equipment and books for the Columbus Public Library 
  6. $2500-Council Bluffs Centennial and Council Bluffs-SWIA Human Trafficking Coalition - Rotary will help pay for billboards and ads to bring local awareness as well as supplies for training and public meetings.
  7. $1500-Crete-Build an entry arbor and potting tables for "Crete Community Gardens" renovation
  8. $1500-Fremont-Provide Learning Materials & Supplies to the Students of alternative learning environment within the Fremont High School
  9. $500-Friend-Purchase and plant hanging flower baskets on light poles in downtown Friend to make our community more attractive to residents and visitors
  10. $1000-Glenwood-Provide landscaping materials, labor, and supervision for the landscaping of the new community building on the county fairgrounds
  11. $1500-Hebron-Assist the Thayer Central FFA build a greenhouse to grow food that will be used in the school cafeteria and flowers sold to the public
  12. $937-Lincoln #14-Support music program in disadvantaged neighborhood with opportunity for children to earn and instrument
  13. $1500-Lincoln East-Prepare area for Memorial to the Doolittle Raiders from WWII and support construction
  14. $1250-Lincoln South-Purchase 20 Quart Mixer (Professional Grade) for Tabitha Meals on Wheels food preparation kitchen
  15. $1500-Nebraska City-Support EDGE Program (focus on changing the cycle of Poverty) monthly family meetings
  16. $1500-Norfolk-Purchase security camera for The Zone, a community based after-school program targeting 7th through 12th graders
  17. $1500-Omaha Suburban-Foot Clinic for the Homeless to provide shoes, health exams and foot care packages
  18. $1050-Omaha Suburban-HeartMath, a biofeedback computer program designed to help students regulate their emotions and stress and help build resilience
  19. $3300-Omaha Suburban,Omaha Millard,Omaha West and Southwest Omaha Night-Package meals for hungry families around Omaha
  20. $1500-Plattsmouth-The purchase of 7 body cameras for the Police Department
  21. $510-Red Oak-Support youth soccer program - purchase goals and back stop and maintain the area
  22. $1500-Seward-Replace Surface to upgrade the safety and accessibility of playground
  23. $1000-Shenandoah-Purchase and construct a Ten80 Race Rail System for the STEM Race Car Team
  24. $1500-York-Install picnic table on the Court House Lawn including laying a sidewalk and foundation.
  25. $5800-District-Rotaract Leadership Series-Develop and implement events for members and officers
  26. $4700-District-Women empowerment Activities including Human Trafficking, create coalition, raise awareness with billboards, marketing materials, website
  27. $8978-District-Contingency