Read the messages from Rotary District 5650 Governor Mick about the Corona Virus COVID-19 below.
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Email message Friday, March 20, 2020 2:19 PM
Without a doubt, the quarantine and change in public gatherings because of the Covid 19 virus has impacted our society in many ways. Most, if not all Rotary Clubs in our district have suspended our traditional face-to-face meetings, cancelled special events and postponed community projects. Fellowship amongst our members is the glue that keeps our clubs together and this lack of interaction concerns me. I feel we need to take action or run the risk of losing our status as clubs that connect like-minded people doing good things to make our world a better place. You as the leaders of your clubs are critical in insuring we retain our membership and to find innovative ways to engage our members until this crisis is over. 
I’ve been impressed with what I’ve been hearing about how you and your members have responded. Some of you have established phone contact to keep connected to your fellow members. Most of you have maintained your email and social media connections. And some have even switched to online meetings to keep the Rotary tradition going.
My recommendation is for you to maintain an active and vibrant club, that you make some constructive moves to keep your membership in touch with each other. Lincoln’s Rotary 14 has switched to online meetings and they’ve invited you and your members to participate as a way to stay in touch. Their next online meeting will be Tuesday, March 24, beginning at 11:45. Simply click here and you can participate.
I highly encourage you to attend this meeting to see how interactive virtual meetings can be. 
And, if you’d like to consider how you can conduct your meetings online, we’re organizing a Rotary friendly tutorial that will give you step-by-step procedures to follow. I think you’ll be amazed at just how simple it can be. I’ll announce a date and time for that workshop very soon. 
So, join me next Tuesday at 11:45 (the program begins at noon) for Rotary 14’s online meeting and be thinking how you’ll keep the personal touch with your club members.
Your Rotary District 5650 Governor
Mick McKinley
Email message Saturday, March 14, 2020 1:31 PM
This message is going out to all club presidents, executive secretaries and District leadership.
At the risk of over communicating I thought I would send a quick update I received from fellow Rotarian Jill Orton with the American Red Cross. Click here for the announcement document.  
There have not been a "community transmitted" case to date. All cases have been related to travel outside the area or by family transmission.
We have had several clubs in the Omaha / Council Bluffs and Lincoln areas cancel their club meetings which I think is advisable considering the active transmission and the make up of our membership. Attached is the Nebraska Department of Health's guidance on public gatherings I thought I would share as it gives good guidance related to community events. Please use this information as you formulate your plans for your club meetings and events and let Nicki Klein know of any cancellations.
PETS was conducted this morning via a 90 minute ZOOM call. Special thanks goes out to DGE Roxy Orr and our District training team, Gretchen Bren, DGN Carol Horner, Dwayne Brown and District Committee Chairs Bill Harvery, Jared Bakewell and Jill Slupe for putting together a very effective condensed training on extremely short notice. Over 50 people attended the training. I will try and keep emails to a minimum but will communicate as I feel necessary. We have a great group of engaged leaders, I couldn't be prouder of serving with all of you.
Email message Friday, March 13, 2020 11:28 AM
The Corona virus COVID -19 crisis continues to evolve and as of today many schools have closed and virtually all public events have or are being cancelled. What does this mean for our District?
The safety of our membership is of the upmost importance. That said, It means you need to use your best judgement in regard to club meetings, training's, club projects and future events. Every community is different and the risks of gathering in Omaha may be very different than Columbus, Auburn, Geneva or Red Oak.This is a very fluid situation and what is appropriate today may not be in a week or two so we all need to be diligent and make decisions as changes occur. You know your membership and risks associated with having your regular meetings. The leadership of each club should decide if they want to continue regular club meetings, and each member should decide whether to attend or not. Any absence a member may have during this time should not count against their attendance record. When in doubt, apply the "4 way test." We are all responsible to do the right thing.
PETS scheduled for this weekend will go on as planned. Metro Community College has told us the campus is safe and remains open. All President Elects are encouraged to attend however if you choose not to, you will be required to take online courses through the Rotary Learning Center before you will be certified to lead your Club. 
As we receive guidance from Rotary International we will pass the information out to Club Presidents and Executive Administrators as soon as we receive it. We hope and pray that none of us are seriously affected by this virus and that we can get on with our normal lives shortly.
Yours in Rotary
Henry (Mick) McKinley
District Governor 2019-2020
Rotary District 5650